Sponsorship & Events

Are you able to support our work?

We spend around £20K on the summer visit each year. We have been supporting Belarus for over 10 years, and have built a strong bond with the community which we work with and support. Here are just a few ideas of ways you might be able to support us to in turn support them.

Our most significant costs are for our residential week in Derbyshire which costs about £3K for accommodation and food (self-catering). We also provide the children each with walking shoes, cagoules, backpacks, reusable water bottles and suitable clothing for walks and outdoor activities. Any relevant items you can donate would really help. Or maybe you can sponsor our residential week?

Another high cost event is our party and disco for the children. The main cost is the venue and catering – maybe you could sponsor that for us? Or maybe you have a venue you could offer us for free. Sponsorship of this event would be brilliant – the children love it! You could even join the party!

We also need to use coaches to take the children on a few of the outings and to make the airport transfers. We get a discount from our coach company and have a positive relationship with them, however this still costs a significant amount. Can you help?

In addition we have to pay for flights, visas and travel to the UK for each child and for the leader(s) that travels with them. That soon adds up too. We usually bring 12-18 children and 1-2 adults. Supporting even a portion of our costs would really help.

Most of our outings and activities are free or at heavily discounted rates. Maybe your organisation is suitable to offer a free activity or experience for the children? Or maybe you have items you can donate such as swimsuits, goggles, swimming caps, beach toys and activities, brand new clothing, sports activities, toys or games which are suitable.

We are searching for local organisations and businesses to partner with. Perhaps you are organising a charity fundraiser at your business? Perhaps your company has a nominated charity each year to partner with and support? We would love to be that charity for either a single year or form a longer relationship with you. We would certainly be willing to invest our own time along side yours to ensure it is a fruitful partnership on both sides.

We would be thrilled to hear from you and move forward together with a charity partnership which allows us to enhance our work and bolster your community support with a strong message and desire to support our local cause with a European-wide reach.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website, to read about our goals, objectives and reading about how you can get involved to help us to both continue our longstanding work and also move towards the creation of exciting new projects which impact the community to which we are partnered to.