Ukraine Conflict

Please help support our efforts in Ukraine

Donating money to help fund supplies

We are buying medicine and supplies close to Ukraine and transporting them across the border from there. It's cheaper than sending items all the way from the UK. If you could afford to help us, please donate by texting to the number's above. We work primarily in the northern regions of Ukraine that are being badly affected by the current conflict.

We have no political affiliation and we are known and trusted by the local communities - our only interest is to help the children and their families by being there for them in their time of need. Thank you for any donations you are able to afford.

Hosting Refugee's

Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline (CCLL) are already set up as a sponsor or guarantor and are hoping to bring refugees to the UK. If any of our current hosts would be potentially interested with hosting refugee's from Ukraine, please do get in touch with us for more information. At present, we just want to speak to people interested and get your DBS forms up to date.

If you not currently a member of our link and you are interested in hosting refugee's, please also get in touch, we can either assist you by starting the process of vetting you for our membership, or pointing you towards other refugee scheme's. Thank you.

It breaks our hearts to have to write this news article, we all feel a little lost with our reaction to these events. However, our resolve to help the people within the regions we support has never been stronger, regardless of the difficulties and emotions involved. Please do get in touch if you would like any more information, navigate to our contact page and either send us an email, phone us or fill in our contact form.