Nottingham CCLL closure - Newark & Sherwood expansion

Charity still operates within the same area as before - as one single entity

We discovered last autumn that the Nottingham CCLL branch was to close, which of course was very disheartening to hear - as there is a wealth of very loving and capable host families within the area. However, the branch lacked leadership willing to take it forward. We quickly worked out the obvious, we have active leadership and all we needed to do to offer a solution to the situation was to be flexible and increase the area we operate within.

If you have previously hosted with the Nottingham CCLL link, or if you live within the area and are willing to host children on future visits, please do contact us - we'd love to hear from you and begin to process of adding you to our membership.

You can contact us here, and read more about hosting children during our visits here - please do get in touch if you would like more information!

This illustrates the rough area we operate within and where the majority of our volunteers live. If you live a little outside of the area we are mostly based in, you are still very welcome to be involved! The only addition you should expect is an extended amount of travel to events - as the majority of our events are inside the city of Nottingham, or in and around the area of Southwell - which has been the centre of our operations until our recent expansion.

CCLL Newark & Sherwood is shown in red, and CCLL Dukeries in green.