Donations of goods towards our new objectives

We are looking for businesses and individuals to support our work with donations of goods. Can you add to this and help us ship out a truly game changing about of supplies and equipment to our community that we work with in Belarus?

We have launched a new initiative, starting in 2020 we shall be undertaking outreach projects within the community our children are from. The first such project will be an summer school, located within their village.

We shall be teaching computing skills, working with video, photography and design on computers. Teaching skills beyond the normal range of opportunity that the school is able to provide. The equipment we shall need to teach these classes is quite expensive. Computers and AV equipment are quite costly, a cost the school cannot afford itself. We shall do our utmost to acquire all the items we need to undertake this project, can you help?

In May 2020, we shall ship out a mass of second hand equipment, which we are working hard on bringing together currently. We have already received an absolutely tremendous donation of around 20 second hand computers from a local business in Nottingham.

Every single year, we discard a huge amount of old tech in this country. Instead of discarding it, why don't you re-home it? We are looking for tech equipment; Computers, camera's, tripods, printers, scanners, software. All of which will be used during our summer educational program. All of the equipment we use during this summer program will remain in Belarus and be donated to the school our children attend, so it can continued to be used all year round, and of course be used again by ourselves the following year when we return to repeat our projects each and every year from here on.

On top of the equipment we need for this summers project, we are also looking for sports equipment; footballs, basketballs, footwear, sports kits, bats, hockey sticks and balls. Arts supplies; anything from paint to crayons, to clay to moulds. We can re-house all of it into a school and community which will use it, learn skills from it which can be developed towards future employment.

Please do consider helping us achieve our aims, we are being extremely ambitious and we only hope that this ambition proves infectious and is installed in the children our charity supports.

This shall be the first of what will be a repeated annual donation and supply of equipment.

To discuss the project and its aims in more detail or to enquire about a donation of equipment or supplies towards our work, please do get in touch. Contact Nick at